Pigeon protection Net in Kochi Kerala

2.Pigeon Net for Balcony Kochi

Pigeon Net for Balcony is made of Co-polymer Nylon Net which is invisible looking in Balcony or windows. We provide best quality net who test by lab which no sun light effetc and no air wind. It’s U/V ( Ultra Voilet) protected material. It have melting point is 220 degree celsius. It lasting is normally 7 to 9 years and here you will get 4 years warranty with free of cost service within in warranty. Our appliance on Stainless Steel accessories like J Hooks and wire

3.Anti Balcony Net Kochi Kerala

4.Pigeon Net for Residecy or High Rise Building

Simple to install
Bird protection
Easy to maintain
Bird net is a useful and reasonable way to reduce bird nuisance. It generates a physical block and restricts them from entering areas that require to be protected.
It is also a safe solution because they can hardly see distance, they are silent, and you don’t need an energy source to move them.
Bird netting use in many places like Full Building,stadiums, warehouses, gardens, and rafters of houses, domestic properties, factories, etc.

Sr. No Product Features Description

  1. Usage for : Pigeon Net( Bird Control net )
  2. Thickness of Filament
  3. Appearances: Readily available in Black & white and Made to order for other colors.
  4. Coverage: Square foot basis
  5. Application: On SS (stainless steel) hooks or Rope
  6. Corrosive: Chemically inert
  7. External Effects: None
  8. Mesh Size: Mesh size of 25, 30MM
  9. Guarantee after application: 5 Year Net warranty
  10. Temperature: Safe At 180 Degrees
    Softening Point 120 Degrees
    Melting Point 220 Degrees
  11. Water: Resistant
  12. Sunlight: U V Stabilized
  13. Air: No effect, The mesh size allows easy flow of wind
  14. Snow: No effect
  15. Flammable: Yes
  16. Shape of Mesh: Square
  17. Dust Hazard: Easy to clean
  18. Vapor Hazard: None
  19. Breaking strength of Yarn: 21.08kg

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