Invisible grill is a super-advanced grill system that provides security to your family,
especially small children and the view remains unspoiled after installation. It Really protects your children from falling from high places.
It helps in preventing children from reaching out to the balcony or window.
Invisible Grille is actually made of stainless steel that is encased in either plastic or rubber for extra protection as well.
Invisible grille is made of the finest quality of stainless steel mainly 304 Grade for extra durability
which is known for its superior strength and ability to handle a pressure of up to 91kg.
It Can be Mounted over the wall using cables. It can be solid fixed and cannot be moved after installation.
It can be mostly used for balconies without existing window structures or in homes. Make sure that you have a
solid concrete wall to install a fixed Invisible Grill. It cannot be installed on fake walls or walls which are made from materials like wood etc.
The Best part is, Invisible grill or Invisible Grille cannot be cut using ordinary scissors or Cutters.
So you don’t need to be worried if children are playing or trying to cut with scissors etc.

However, an Invisible Grille can be cut using a wire cutter, so keep in mind that an
Invisible grille should not be used for deterring whoever’s coming from outside like
but rather to keep the occupants inside the home safe.

Company Name – World Screen Nets
Product Category – Invisible Grill
Product Name – Invisible Grill
Product Material – Stainless Steel


High comprehensive strength
Fine finish
Able to tolerate high pressure
Aesthetic Visual
Zero maintenance
Easy installation
Sunlight exposure – UV stabilized
Warranty – 3 years (conditions apply)
Environmental effect – No Effect

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