Best Anti Balcony Net Installation in Kochi

Nylon Net

Bird Control net


  • Thickness of Filament
  • Appearances: Readily available in Black & white and Made to order for other colors.
  • Coverage: Square foot basis
  • Application: On SS (stainless steel) hooks
  • Corrosive: Chemically inert
  • External Effects: None
  • Mesh Size: Mesh size of 25, 30MM
  • Guarantee after application: 3 Year Net warranty
  • Temperature: Safe At 180 Degrees
    Softening Point 120 Degrees
    Melting Point 220 Degrees
  • Water: Resistant
  • Sunlight: U V Stabilized
  • Air: No effect, The mesh size allows easy flow of wind
  • Snow: No effect
  • Flammable: Yes
  • Shape of Mesh: Square
  • Dust Hazard: Easy to clean
  • Vapor Hazard: None
  • Breaking strength of Yarn: 21.07kg

World Screen Nets is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company. Every material you get tested by ISO.
Because there is a lot of copyright dealer in the market who sells the brand by speaking,
so avoid all these. Therefore first check the material and install it. So we provide best net
for protect from Bird like pigeons, Crow with Bird drooping. We have high quality and easy to
install it with Stainless Steel hooks. We have different size actually we give as a clients requirement.
We give with free installation by our expert because they have more 5years experience. We give 3years warranty with our expert team.

We are offering our Clients best quality Nylon Bird Net. It is made up of co-polymer nylon net. We are leading Manufacturer and Service provider of Bird Proofing Netting Solutions for Commercial, Residential Societies and Household Sectors in all over India. Our expert and experienced team undertake fabrication and fixing of net job to your utmost satisfaction. We are having Service Centers in
Kerala, Mumbai, Bangalore.

Very Strong and durable
The aesthetic of the building or place is not affected as the net is transparent
UV stabilized no effect of sun or rain.
Does not block air or light
Easy to install and maintain as it is fixed with the help of stainless steel hooks.
Economical as compared to steel and aluminum nets.
Customized as per the Client’s requirement.
Easy to maintain as compared to Steel and aluminum nets
No rusting or corrosion like metal nets
Harmless way to eliminate pigeon menace

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