Pigeon Net Installation in Gurgaon Haryana

Nylon Net ( No entry for Birds )

Our experts installed many balcony safety nets in Kerala, Bangalore,Mumbai and in other cities too. Balcony bird netting which keeps birds out of specific areas like balcony,
windows and galleries of your residence.World Sacreen Nets provides you best quality of pigeon nets for balcony in Kerala State. We provide Best quality balcony bird netting
installation services that do not impact your day to day work and it can be installed as per your inputs.

We all love birds and their sweet chirping, but at the same time bird dropping is irritating and un-hygienic.
Also at times bird nest causes lots of dust. And we face this problem usually at balcony and terrace. When the balcony safety nets are not installed in your balcony and near buy window and makes it dirty.
Balcony Bird Netting is an answer to tackle the bird problem effectively in the terrace or balcony location. Now a days, with more concrete world around,
Pigeon or other birds enters in housing area, terrace, balcony or in your office complex and it becomes really irritating and causes to many health hazards.
Many birds build a net in between windows, pipes, behind AC units, parapets inside ducts, etc. Many pigeons are died in the ducts because of insects.
So World Screen Nets provides you balcony safety nets in Kerala or Pigeon nets for balcony in Kochi and Ernakulam with finest design which are totally harmless to birds.
Balcony bird netting is also design for protecting human from heighted buildings. Our balcony bird netting service in Kerala provides you best quality bird nets.
Our entire bird netting is made up of high quality material. Our Balcony bird netting services in Kochi provides you a complete solution for bird entry places
like in our houses, apartments, factories, hotels, hospitals etc. We also provide Balcony safety net to protect the people from injury after falling from height in high rise buildings.

  • Trade Name: Pigeon Bird Net
  • Thickness of Filament
  • Appearances: Readily available in Black & white and Made to order for other colors.
  • Coverage: Square foot basis
  • Application: On SS (stainless steel) hooks
  • Corrosive: Chemically inert
  • External Effects: None
  • Mesh Size: Mesh size of 25, 30MM
  • Guarantee after application: 3 Year Net warranty
  • Temperature: Safe At 180 Degrees
    Softening Point 120 Degrees
    Melting Point 220 Degrees
  • Water: Resistant
  • Sunlight: U V Stabilized
  • Air: No effect, The mesh size allows easy flow of wind
  • Snow: No effect
  • Flammable: Yes
  • Shape of Mesh: Square
  • Dust Hazard: Easy to clean
  • Vapor Hazard: None
  • Breaking strength of Yarn: 21.07kg

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