Anti Bird Net Installation Kochi

1.Pigeon Net

2. Balcony Net

3. Co-Polymer Nylon Net

4. Bird Protection Net

Sr. No Product Features Description

  • Trade Name: Pigeon Net
  • Thickness of Filament
  • Appearances: Readily available in Black & white and Made to order for other colors.
  • Coverage: Square foot basis
  • Application: On SS (stainless steel) hooks
  • Corrosive: Chemically inert
  • External Effects: None
  • Mesh Size: Mesh size of 25, 35MM
  • Guarantee after application: 3 Year Net warranty
  • Temperature: Safe At 70 Degrees
    Softening Point 120 Degrees
    Melting Point 130 Degrees
  • Water: Resistant
  • Sunlight: U V Stabilized
  • Air: No effect, The mesh size allows easy flow of wind
  • Snow: No effect
  • Flammable: Yes
  • Shape of Mesh: Square
  • Dust Hazard: Easy to clean
  • Vapor Hazard: None
  • Breaking strength of Yarn: 21.07kg

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