Anti Bird Net In Kochi-Kerala

Anti Bird Net Installation Ernakulam

WORLD SCREEN NETS is a trusted and the most reputed Anti bird Net provider in Kerala offering value for money services.
We provide special bird net installation and bird spike installation services to help you get rid of this menace caused by
birds like pigeons without hurting or killing them.

Sr. No Product Features Description

  1. Trade Name: Anti Bird Net
  2. Thickness of Filament
  3. Appearances: Readily available in Black & white and Made to order for other colors.
  4. Coverage: Square feet basis
  5. Application: On SS hooks
  6. Corrosive: Chemically inert
  7. External Effects: None
  8. Mesh Size: Mesh size of 25, 35MM
  9. Guarantee after application: 3 Year Net warranty
  10. Temperature: Safe At 70 Degrees
    Softening Point 120 Degrees
    Melting Point 130 Degrees
  11. Water: Resistant
  12. Sunlight: U V Stabilized
  13. Air: No effect, The mesh size allows easy flow of wind
  14. Snow: No effect
  15. Flammable: Yes
  16. Shape of Mesh: Square
  17. Dust Hazard: Easy to clean
  18. Vapor Hazard: None
  19. Breaking strength of Yarn: 21.07kg

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